Cement Products

Slating Stones Flooring

Cement tiles and paving blocks from cold material which has high reflectivity to solar radiation and high coefficient of infrared radiation. With the use of these products ensures lower surface temperature thus reducing the urban heat island effect, which occurs in most cities.

Paving Stones

The paving stones used a long time ago in Europe. The Romans used this method with paving stones in the construction of all the major roads of the Roman Empire, some of these streets remain today in good condition. Some advantages of the stones are: easy installation, long life, low cost, easy replacement and adding new blocks and great potential of design combinations of shapes and colours.

Container For Sewage Tank

Kiougia called clay or cement gutters tubular hinged together by connectors. Used in ditches, under bridges, drains, cesspools, in auger. Mission and their destination is the easy movement of water without precipitation walls, waterfalls etc.

Waysides Garden/Curbstones

Waysides in a great variety for all applications, prefabricates curbstones from cast concrete that delimit and make beautiful the curbstone. Waysides foe gardens and flower beds are planted for ramps and showers. Concrete quality and according to the most demanding quality standards, durability and safety.

Concrete Pipes

Prefabricated cement pipes sewer with online tire pipes. Perforated cement pipes and small pipes in all diameters. Concrete pipes without weapons “traditional” construction without additional reinforcement or pipes type of Bell with flat base plate and with additional reinforcement aid. Available in wide range of sizes.