Concrete Admixtures

Sealant mass-Plasticizer Concrete

Additive to concrete mass for foundations basements, floors and pillars. Furthermore it develops sealed concrete for the construction of tanks, cement pipes, irrigation channels, bridges, dams, tunnels, swimming pools, swimming athletic venues. I t is recommended for pre-fabricated concrete structural members. It ensures sealed cement mortars. It is indispensable for stubborn areas with dense reinforcement where vibration is difficult to apply.

Concrete super-plasticizer

Indispensable for producing viscous concrete without increasing the water /cement ratio at areas with dense reinforcement, as stipulated by the new building construction norm, as well as in pre-fabricated concrete. Also useful for producing high strength concrete for application such as foundations, slabs walls, jackets, apparent concrete etc.

Mortar Resin

It applied as an admixture mass in concrete repairs, in building mortar, for repairs in new or old plaster surfaces as also is necessary admixture to scratch coat plaster and to base coat plaster. It allows solid cement screeds and solid floors. Expect for admixture it used as brushable or as a sprayed.

Mortar Additives

We have all the products of the most famous brands, decelerators/accelerators of solidification, handening, mortar plasticizers, sealers mass, improvement resins, reinforcing etc.κτλ