External Thermal Insulation

We team up with and we provide total solutions of the most famous companies external insulation systems. We are always available to you to recommend you the most appropriate solutions that cater for your needs.




isomat Kelyfos

With Kelyfos system the cost of heating and cooling is reduced up to 58%! This means that you will cost no longer less than half to heat or cool your house. The damping of Kelyfos system become very directly. Taking also into account and the constant increases in the price of fuel and electricity, the damping time is further reduced.

Durostick Thermoseal

Durostick has studied, designed, certificated wherein the European standard ETAG 004 the integrated system of external thermal insulation of buildings and residences (External Thermal Insulation System (ETICS)) with the diacritical title “THERMOSEAL”, with certification number EOTA: ETA-13/0006 and EOTA: ETA-13/0007. The practice of Thermoseal as a building or residence remains to this fact the advantage of external insulation systems,(ETICS)

Thrakon ClimaPLUS

The ClimaPLUS is an integrated system external thermal insulation for buildings with high performance, limited initial constructions cost but also fast time damping. Its application is quite easy and ensures the performance necessary during summer and winter.

Mapei Mapetherm

MAPEI® Hellas has in markets the external insulation systems Mapetherm® Systems with certified ETAG 004, which offer solutions in building insulation applications, covering all the receivables and the construction details of implementation. Offers high thermal insulation, almost zero absorption of humidity and high mechanical impact resistance or strength. It is suitable for installation of coverings of artificial/natural stones or tiles.