Stoves (wood or pellet)

The dual combustion stoves are maximum practically and efficiency because they allow dual use: with pellet, for a programmed and automatic heat, which is manageable by the remote control and with wood for the maximum savings in heating costs and enjoyable atmosphere that creates the traditional flame. A very important feature is that exhaustion of the wood, the double burning stove goes automatically into operation in order to pellet continuity of heat.

Stoves Radiator (wood or pellet)

The stoves radiator, through combustion, producing hot water for supplying radiators and/or for the floor, all over the house. They can be connected to the existing heating network and work together with solar panels. With the help of appropriate kit the radiator stoves can produce hot water for bathrooms and kitchen, hot water can be stored in suitable containers boiler/buffer and are always available at the desired temperature. The stove radiator is available in various models with different power, size and style, so as to satisfy all the needs of the consumer.

Energy Fireplaces

The energy fireplaces are compact and practical, means of combustion of the wood, producing hot air for heating the installation space and/or adjacent sites (with appropriate distribution pipes). Models of fireplaces with wood outbreaks vary with the strength, the size and the type: from large and panoramic fireplace until the vertical and thin, from the corner until that with two-sided, with flat glass, round or prismatic with internal cast iron, Ecokeram® or refractory. They can be identified by Edilkamin investments, available in different styles and materials. Enables cost savings and environmentally friendly.

Classic Fireplaces

Precast traditional fireplaces with firebricks, is open orifice fireplaces that produce heat and dissipate on the site though local radiation. Produced in a variety of colours and designs. With yellow, red, white or brown (chocolate) bricks, with straight, prismatic or semicircular form, two or three sides or even and at specific projects to order, our fireplaces are manufactured with the best raw materials, so we can ensure unsurpassed quality construction and ling life. So enjoy the warmth and coziness of a fireplace without great cost.


Radiators fireplaces though combustion, producing hot water for supplying radiators and/or the floor throughout the house. They can be easily installed with the existing network and work together with solar panels. By using the appropriate kit radiators fireplaces can produce hot water for bathrooms and kitchen, hot water can be stored in suitable containers boiler/buffer and are always available at the desired temperature.

Components/Accessories For Fireplaces

Our company is keeping its promise for continued all overall support of its products, has a complete range of accessories, components and spare parts for all fireplaces, kit ventilater, plumbing kit, three-way valves, heat exchangers, safety valves, certified stainless steel chimneys and fittings, vents firelighters, cleanings, cooking kit, glasses, cleats, sharpers, sealants, cleaning brushes, brooms and ash filters and generally anything you need for the installation, maintenance or repair of your fireplace you will find here.

Energetic Cassettes

The wood insert is a goal that was designed to be placed in the old fireplaces that fail to function in order to upgrade them. Wood inserts are also used to create new fireplaces. Through the combustion of wood, wood inserts produce hot air for heating the installation space and/or also adjacent sites (with appropriate distribution pipes). The circulation air heating can be accomplished by natural flow or by means of ventilater. It is available in different sizes, power and aesthetics, to cover all consumers’ needs.


Our company imports and sells firebricks for all applications and requirements in many sizes, colours and qualities. Here you will find the top quality Czech firebricks of “Refrasil”, Greek firebricks of “POKA refractories” but also and very economic and quality Chinese firebricks. Also, we import and sell firebricks for industrial applications (magnesite, aluminous, aluminosilicates etc) for blast furnaces, kilns, lime and many other industries.

Flame-proof Adhesives

The D-8 mortar is ideal for building and joint filling fire bricks in fireplaces, barbecues, furnaces, smokestacks etc. It is suitable for restoring worn joints, putty repairs of cracks (a common effect) as well as bonding of detached fire bricks. Excels for high resistance to temperatures up to 1050 C and high bonding power. It is resistant to temperature variations developed at fireplace furnaces without cracking. It quickly develops its final strength.

Vents (rigid-flexible)

Our company want to be able to serve all of your needs, from the middle of 2012 begun an exclusive collaboration with the No 1 manufactured of stainless steel flues in Greece. The 100% Greek Company “PIPELINE” produces high quality metal vents, chimneys and accessories. The stainless steel chimney is in vitro tested and certified according to legislation and European Standards. CE marked and approved for use in natural gas. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to serve you.

Chimney Stack Concrete

The chimneys stack that are built with prefabricated elements from kissirompeton, are gone to show the economical and ideal choice for the construction of a chimney. They can be used as a traditional fireplaces and barbecues or by adding a stainless steel flue single wall inside in any energy device. Because of the rectangular shape and their material integrated perfectly in the structure of buildings and pleasure the architectural requirements.

Headwear Storm

The headwear storm is one of the most important parts of a chimney. In addition to protection from the rain should ensure the correct pull of the chimney under all weather conditions. We produce cementitious headwear into three types:
a.Building square (ET)
b.Building circular
c.Building single (plate)
We also have a plurality of metal headwear various types: roating roosters etc.

Barbeques BBQ

We offer a wide variety of prefabricated grills and ovens made with the finest materials and with our long experience and know-how in a variety of dimensions, designs and colours. For one or two lambs for some steaks with or without countertop, sink, with woodbin, with or without lining etc.