Expanded Polystyrene

Expanded polystyrene, known in Greece as a Styrofoam, is a lightweight, heat insulating material which used in construction and other applications. Produced from polystyrene granules, which are thermoplastic. With their swell, the grains grow and become beads, which further swell and stick together them. Expanded polystyrene is produced in large blocks which are cut into slabs or from modals directly to form of the mold, such as boxes, trays for seedling etc.

Extruded Polystyrene

Extruded polystyrene is a form synthetic material, widespread in our country and worldwide with many building uses. It is “closed cellular structure”, which with polymerization process and continuous extrusion takes the form of insulation boards.

Stone Wool

Stone wool called a fibrous insulating material which is used in constructions but also at technical applications. Stone wool has thermal insulation, sound insulation properties as well as resistance to high temperatures. The main use of stone wool is as insulating material in buildings. There is one variety with stone wool products in Rolls -<>- (soft products) and slating (molded, harder products) in different sizes and with different density suitable for different applications..

Fiber Glass

Fiber glass is an insulating material that is composed of very thin glass fiber. Used as a reinforcing material for many polymer products, creating composites known as < > (fiber-reinforced polymers FRP) or < > (glass-reinforced polymers GRP). It has durability, moisture, fungus and has modern soundproofing and fire protection.

Expanded Perlite

Expanded perlite is used as a thermally insulating additive mortars or coatings. The perlite insulation is cast or has the form of plates, pressure resistant. Their density varies. With increasing improves the sound insulation ability but the thermal insulation reduced. The cast insulation used in bivalves’ walls or under coating e.g. floors or impregnated with bitumen in filling the gaps between the roof beams.

Polyester Fiber

The polyester fiber is one of the most widely used fibers in the world. Mainly used in clothing and linens. In recent years the world has made its presence felt as a safe, healthy and durable material with high performance. The aritherm will not subsided, will not bended and will not wear out over tome. Polyester fibers are not affected by moisture or mold and will never warp. This means that our insulation will remain robust, efficient and will ensure a lifetime saving energy. For these reasons we support that is the insulation for a lifetime!!

Reflective Thermal Insulation

The reflective thermal or thermal insulation used in Greece mainly on roofs and brought in our lives the need for saving energy. The main use of reflective insulation in one country like Greece is the protection of houses with roof or masonry from the heat or the cold because of radiated heat from outside to inside and vice versa.

Sound insulation Materials

Sound insulation materials are considered all the materials that have the ability to reduce the transmission of sound from the one side of a partition to another. We give solutions in soundproofing problems and heat-sound insulation with products which are environmentally friendly, highly durable and effective in the toughest conditions.