Roof Accessories

Tile Roof Membrane

The materials of this family are based asphalt (tarmac) usually modified with either APP and SPS (especially if it is resistant to very low temperatures e.g. -20). To achieve mechanical stability and high strength the tarmac reinforced with polyester mesh types and weights depending on the desired effect and the use of these materials. Both bitumen and asphalt membranes precisely because of the nature of the materials used for their production ensure excellent waterproofing properties making them suitable for a variety of applications both in infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels etc.) and in building applications (floor substrates, waterproofing roofs etc.)

Waterproofing Tapes

We offer a wide variety of waterproofing tapes and other supplementary materials for a secure and watertight roof. Sealing synthetic tapes like Wakaflex® and Figaroll Plus® from the leading company BRAAS give warranty seal at the critical points of the roof (joints, wall housing associations, roof to roof etc) for ever. The adhesive sealing aluminum tapes Kaminflex and the RS Tape TYTAN offer tightness and longevity in construction joints, cracks and signs of deterioration in association between the different materials (roof, masonry, wood, metal, concrete) and are suitable for each property (houses, warehouses, farms, industrial buildings).

Roof Windows

The ideal attic can be: Modern-Functional-Secure. The number of roof windows, dimensions, position and their equipment is decisive for the environment of the attic (loft). The possibility of natural ventilation and lighting indoors as well as energy glass, follow requirements of bio air-conditioning and design of buildings. Selected high aesthetics and safety materials in combination with the wide variety of sizes and designs make the roof windows the ultimate modern building element.

Special Parts

In this category are included the roof parts which provide solutions where several pipelines or other materials need to penetrate the roof safety as well as items that give solutions to proper ventilation of the roof. All the components are manufactured according to European standards and are made of materials with high resistance to all weather conditions.

Other Roofing Materials

Skylights output ceiling windows for lofts, advanced waterproofing materials, ditches runoff floodwater, breathable membranes, plugs tiles, special tile for TV mast, special tile for solar water heater bracket and many other roofing materials. We offer full range of downspouts for roofs and for roofing factories large surfaces, in several colours and in various materials made as well as their parts support.

Roof Folding Stairs

Completed safe and economical roof stairs. Available in a wide variety of sizes so that to suit all the receivables. With steel rungs that are joined together with steel screws, which give a fixed set either for aluminum for less weight and ease of use. There are also folding ladders with fixed metal skid tier system, with fixed wooden-tier system, with metal folding system scissor type levels “s” etc.

Fixed Ladders

Large variety of fixed aluminum ladders of all types and use of household aluminum ladders, professionals multipurpose, industrial aluminum as well as for loft. They expand to great heights with simple operations thanks to specials mechanisms. They are made based on the standard EN-131 have specifically no slided complexes and safety belts. Targeting both to professionals and private consumers.

Wood Roof

Wood continues to maintain its value in many traditional uses, is one of the oldest building materials and despite the development of many competitive materials steadily increasing its use. This is due to the unique advantages that have in compared with other structural materials, is the most environmentally friendly building material, is renewable, natural organic material, it has good acoustic properties, its treatment comes with low energy consumption, does not pollute the environment, is aesthetically unrivaled with a wide variety of colours, texture, design and is insulating heat and electricity etc.