Roof Tiles

Ceramic Roof Tiles

The tiles make your home healthier because it breathes and is cool in summer and warm in winter, properties that are known about ceramic products and stand out from other coating products. They combine beauty and perfect fit with the durability and ice. Maintain a classic but always timely and timeless appearance, making them particularly popular in areas that maintain a traditional style.

Cement Roof Tiles

Provide zero fluid absorbency, resistance to ice and at changes in temperature, resistance to bending, natural raw construction materials, no discoloured deformation (ecologically colours that not altered over time, perfect fit, strictly straight without distortion) and certified by ISO 9001:2000.

Shingles Roof Tiles

Shingles is a different way of covering roofs offering solutions to many unsolved problems of manufacturers with using standard tiles. Their advantages:

> They are lighter and for this reason we use less wood.
> Wide variety of colours and shapes.
> Installed easily.
> Covers roofs with slopes between 10% to 90%.

Metallic Roof Tiles

Metallic visor constitute a modern solution coating that combines successfully the lightweight construction (6kg/m2) and long life even in adverse conditions.

Polycarbonate Sheets

The polycarbonate is a novel thermoplastic material produced unbreakable and highly translucent products. The polycarbonate sheets are treated with special coating to give products which combine properties: Heat emission, echo, self-cleaning, protection from UV rays, high thermal insulation and excellent resistance to mechanical stress.